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Jaanuu Classic Scrub Collection

Meet the Classic collection from Jaanuu
Scrubs are important pieces of clothing while working in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry. The scrubs often look kind of basic with the well known colors white, grey and different shades of blue. Not only has the scrubs to look professional but, also wear comfortable for the whole day. From shift to shift the scrubs has to stay intact and protect you from fluids. But, why stay with the basic collection of scrubs if you can also wear scrubs with more style? Take a look at the classic collection scrubs from Jaanuu.

This collection has it all. From basic color scrubs to more extravagant colors like Wine and Royal Blue. Scrub tops, pants with pockets, joggers and professional lab coats. Go for the classic scrubs collection from Jaanuu.

Timeless looks with the classics
Create a timeless look with the Classic collection. This collection has everything you need:
● The style
● The comfort
● Great designs
● The stretchyness
● And good prices

You can easily make the perfect scrub set with the classic collection that is made from the best fabric formula Forminaflex™. The fabric is from high quality which is perfect for a long shift. It gives comfort, no wicks, it breathes and has a antimicrobial finish.

With the colors of the classic collection you can buy the scrubs now and it will still looks good in years to come. Create your timeless scrub look today!