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Women Underscrubs | Long sleeves

Scrub tops used to be worn often as the only layer for upper clothing. Nowadays, underscrubs are very popular in the medical industry. As a matter of fact, an undershirt is a very comfortable part of any outfit. Moreover, there are several ways in which you can complement the appearance of employees' uniforms by choosing coloured underscrubs. As a clinic, you want the business attire to have a professional look, but you also want the clothes to be comfortable and provide protection where needed. At scrub-supply, we therefore have a large selection of scrubs for women.

What are underscrubs?
Nurse underscrubs are usually worn under medical tops. Nevertheless, the undershirts can also be worn on their own. This depends entirely on the circumstances and the staff. The best underscrubs are high quality shirts. One brand that can guarantee this quality is Jaanuu. Jaanuu is a popular brand among healthcare companies, partly because of the high level of comfort the clothing provides. The underscrubs are lightweight and ultra-soft to the touch. They come in different colours and sizes. For example, clinics can choose a grey underscrub and a white women's top. This will create a unique look for the employees. After all, you don't want to be the same as all the competitors. The underscrubs have become very popular and that makes sense as they offer a number of important benefits.

The benefits of underscrubs
There are several benefits to wearing an under t-shirt. Perhaps one of the most important benefits is the prevention of sweat stains. This is because an undershirt provides an extra layer of protection. As a healthcare worker, you are moving around a lot and that is when it is pleasant and more refreshing to wear an undershirt. It prevents unpleasant odours and stains. An underscrub also provides extra isolation, because the extra layer of fabric retains your body temperature a little while longer. This is of course especially convenient during the cold winter days. In that case, it is useful to choose underscrubs with long sleeves. It ensures that cold wind is kept out, and the scrubs are also extremely comfortable.

Complete the outfit by adding matching clothing and accessories
An underscrub alone is not enough. It is a good start, but you now are confronted with the choice between various scrub pants, tops, lab coats, etc. We often give advice to provide matching clothing to the underscrub, but the final choice is entirely up to the organization and its staff. For example, you can choose a navy women's underscrub and some matching gray pants. Over the underscrub, you can choose a slightly more striking colour, such as green. By doing this, you avoid that the uniforms of the employees are too standard, although the colours complement each other. In addition, there are also various accessories that you can add to the corporate clothing, such as a matching face mask or scrub caps. In this way, you complete the outfit for the entire staff.