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5 Self-Care Tips To Reimagine Your Moment

We live in a world where “busy” equates success—more patients, more hobbies, more side hustles—but often at the expense of our mental health. After years of operating on “busy”, I expected to feel fulfilled—but all I felt was tired, anxious and stressed. So, I decided to slow down, make every moment count and, ultimately, prioritize my self-care.
Oktober 29, 2022 — Team scrub-supply.com
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Medical scrubs in the dental practice

If you have your own dental practice, you may have some requirements for the clothing of your employees. Some requirements are essential, and some requirements you may find personally important. For example, it is often mandatory to wear a nameplate with a name and function on it. This way it is immediately clear to patients who they are facing. 
Mai 20, 2022 — Team scrub-supply.com
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Everything you need to know about medical scrubs

Medical scrubs are very commonly worn in the healthcare industry. For instance, think of a hospital, physio or a dental practice. In the past, only white jackets, pants and tops were typically worn in this sector. Nowadays, there are plenty of new variations available of medical uniforms. In this blog, we explain why medical work-wear is so important and why you can't stay behind on the latest styles.
April 26, 2022 — Team scrub-supply.com
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Medical doctor, psychiatrist to be

Medical doctor, psychiatrist to be

Dr Aleksandra Pięta

Profession: medical doctor, psychiatrist to be
Practicing in Warsaw. Poland.
Instagram: med_moiselle

Our appearance is the first thing patient see. This is first impression, our business card. There is only one chance to make good first impression...

Mai 29, 2020 — Team scrub-supply.com
The new face of Plastic Surgery

The new face of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hatice Sezgin

Plastic surgeon
Practicing in Constanta Romania
Specialized in micro and reconstructive surgery
Instagram:  _haticesezgin

In my Country woman don't usually go to school...

Mai 29, 2020 — Team scrub-supply.com
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Straight Smile

Straight Smile

Dr. K.

Dentist and postgraduate orthodontic student in her fifth year of training
from: near Berlin, Germany.
Instagram: straight_smile_

I get motivated most by seeing other excellent orthodontists cases. That’s why I´d fly all around the globe to see the best possible standard in my field...

Mai 16, 2020 — Team scrub-supply.com