Dr Aleksandra Pięta

Dr Aleksandra Pięta

Profession: medical doctor, psychiatrist to be Warsaw. Poland.
Instagram: med_moiselle

Why did you become a Doctor?

As far as I remember, medicine has always been in my life.

Both of my parents are pharmacists. When I was a little girl, I loved playing around at the pharmacy and learning funny medicines' names. In our home we talked a lot about health and all related topics. I have decided pretty early who I want to be in the future 😉

I am fascinated by human body. I want to know as much as possible about this sophisticated machine; how organism is changing during illness and, more importantly, how to avoid those changes and how to help people.

Dr Aleksandra Pięta

Why did you choose psychiatry?

Some people does not consider psychiatrists as… real doctors. I beg to differ.

For our patients treatment is usually long-term, so we have time for some conversation. I think this is a crucial element of a successful treatment. It is common for psychiatric patients to suffer from somatic disorders like pneumonia or myocardial infarctions, so it is important to have vast knowledge about internal medicine. It makes psychiatry a perfect field to achieve and practice holistic approach: healing body and mind.

You also run a blog. What is your drive?

Blog post

When I was still studying, I was an active member of students’ organizations. I met numerous interesting people there. Many of them were much more experienced and wiser than me and eager to share their knowledge. Thanks to that, I knew what shall I expect when choosing my specialty or which books I should choose in order to be well prepared for the exams. I am sure - the information flow is vital in this profession and can make a lot of things more bearable. This is the reason why I have chosen to share my experiences, thoughts and ideas with everyone who is interested.

I know that practicing medicine may be rough sometimes, so why not help one another? I have received a lot of help and I want to pass it on even further. My goal was to create a place, maybe even a community, where every med student could easily find helpful tips and tricks, or a little guidance to find strength in pursuing dream of becoming doctor. My blog also has another, more feminine side, related to med fashion. Here I am sharing my observations and ideas on how to be your only self, professional doctor and a lady with subtle accessories or interesting medical fashion choices 😉

What is the most important thing about medical uniform?

What is the most important thing about medical uniform?

Our appearance is the first thing patient see. This is first impression, our business card. There is only one chance to make good first impression. Aesthetic, professional and elegant outfit makes all the difference - it breaks the ice and I consider it as a first step on the way to earn my patients trust. I do not like old-school white lab coats - they seem to deepen the abyss between doctor and patient. White coats can even affect medical examination results (White coat hypertension).

Good relationship between patient and doctor is the most elementary thing in medicine. In psychiatry, where almost whole treatment is based on mutual communication, it could have even bigger impact.

Therefore, I am choosing fashion solutions which make me feel safe around patients and not frighten them. To make that abys - mentioned above - gone. I spend most of my days at hospital, at work. Feeling comfortable is important for my wellbeing. This is why I have chosen Jannuu as a perfect medicine for every mentioned symptom. Jaanuu is comfortable, made from antibacterial fiber - so it is safe and last but not least - it’s very elegant!

Mai 29, 2020