Medical doctor, psychiatrist to be

Medical doctor, psychiatrist to be

Dr Aleksandra Pięta
Profession: medical doctor,
psychiatrist to be
Practicing in Warsaw. Poland.
Instagram: med_moiselle

Our appearance is the first thing patient see. This is first impression, our business card. There is only one chance to make good first impression.
Mai 29, 2020
The new face of Plastic Surgery

The new face of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hatice Sezgin
Plastic surgeon
Practicing in Constanta Romania
Specialized in micro and reconstructive surgery
Instagram: _haticesezgin

In my Country woman don't usually go to school...

Mai 29, 2020
Straight Smile

Straight Smile

Dr. K. 
Dentist and postgraduate orthodontic student
in fifth year of training
Practicing near Berlin, Germany.
Instagram: straight_smile_

I get motivated most by seeing other excellent orthodontists cases. That’s why I´d fly all around the globe to see the best possible standard in my field.

Mai 16, 2020