The new face of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hatice Sezgin

Dr. Hatice Sezgin

Plastic surgeon
Practicing in Constanta Romania
Specialized in micro and reconstructive surgery

Instagram: _haticesezgin

In my Country woman don't usually go to school...


I was born in Istanbul, Turkey and there it is not usual for women to go to school. Ever since I was a child my father used to say, “my daughter is going to be a doctor”. I’m really lucky to have a family who is and have always been so supportive with my career.

Plastic surgeon

My father was in Romania for business and he supported me to do my education in this Country; the difference in both cultures and mindset would benefit me in my education and my career. I started with my high school when I came to Rumania in 2007 and continued with faculty and residency in Constanta.

Image = Social and professional success?

There are people that mistakenly think that esthetic plastic surgery has no healing purposes and that is just associated to vain and superficial endings, with instant gratification or think of it just as a quirk.

When I started my education in medicine, I also thought that plastic surgery mainly meant excessive corrections of lips and breasts but then I discovered the side of it that made me passionate about it. I really want to be able to help my patients in the best way I can, and therefore not only esthetical in the sense of beauty surgery but in a way to help improve their quality of life. I’m really driven to use my skills and knowledge to do the best I can to touch my patient’s life and to be helpful to them.

Professionals in health such as pharmacists, psychologists, psychiatrists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, etc. must join forces to offer full support to the needs that patients have either if there are needs related to improve self-confidence, correct effects of old injuries or just to seek the need to change what does not make the patient comfortable.

Dr. Hatice SezginA little interview with Dr. Hatice Sezgin
What inspires you outside of work?

Listening to music is something I really love! I listen to every kind of music, depending on my mood. Besides that, I also enjoy yoga from time to time, which really helps me to relax after a long night shift.
You have a great Instagram account with a lot of followers, what has this meant to you so far?


Actually, I have had it for years now but after I joined some of my brother’s videos on YouTube, (he has a channel mostly about gaming and has meanwhile over one million followers who watch his channel and his vlogs) my followers increased a lot.

For me it’s a good feeling to know that you have so many people who love you, respects you and worry for you. Their interesting and supportive messages throughout my study really helped me. For example, whenever I had an important exam or something important going on, they message me asking if everything went well. I love them and I always try to reply to them as much as I can.

The new face of Plastic
How did you became aware of Jaanuu &

Hatice: On Instagram I had seen promotions coming by and I was directly in love with Jaanuu scrubs since I first saw them. They are just AMAZING! Now that have the scrubs and I started to wear them (especially the Shift V Neck top and Charge Cargo pants) I realized that the fabric feels so light and they are so comfortable and nice…
Do you have some advice for students?

Hatice: Female students should listen to no one when they tell you, you can’t be a good doctor. Sadly, that is something that has been told us a lot of times.

Dr. Hatice Sezgin

I was really happy to have met a great surgeon who said that he sees something in me, and always told and tells me that I will be very successful. That really motivates. Imagine you are an actress and taking compliments from Johnny Depp. How would you feel??

I would freak out for sure :)))

And maybe the most important advice is that they need to have lots of fun!
They really will miss faculty! And just because I miss being a student I will start my PhD next year.
Mai 29, 2020