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Jaanuu Rhena Scrub Top
R$ 180,00 BRL
Midnight NavyCeramic KhakiTrenchCeil BlueHeather GrayMauveBlackRoyal BlueCarbon GrayBurgundyAqua+ 6 more
Jaanuu Neo Jogger Scrub Pant
R$ 240,00 BRL
MauveDigital PinkMidnight NavyBlackRoyal BlueCeil BlueCarbon GrayHeather GrayBurgundy+ 4 more

Collection of Jaanuu scrubs

At scrub-supply we have numerous scrubs and accessories from the brand Jaanuu in our assortment. All of their scrubs are made in consultation with pediatrician Dr. Neela. The products are therefore designed in such a way that they are not only comfortable, but also look very stylish. No wonder Jaanuu is the leading provider of medical scrubs. The Jaanuu collection is for men as well as women and there is plenty of choice. You can simply filter on what kind of product, colour and size you want. Do you still find it difficult to make a choice? Then scrub-supply would love to help you!

(Scrubs and accessories from the brand Jaanuu are widely available at scrub-supply. Jaanuu, a physician-based company cofounded by Dr. Neela, combines her first-hand experience and knowledge to build breakthrough solutions specifically built for this purpose, revolutionizing what is possible for health professionals. As a result, the products are designed in such a way that they are not only comfortable, but also highly stylish. It's no surprise that Jaanuu is the leading provider of medical scrubs. There is lots of option in the Jaanuu collection for both men and women. Simply filter by type of product, color, and size you require. Do you still have trouble making a decision? Then scrub-supply would be delighted to assist you!)

Various scrubs from Jaanuu

As we mentioned earlier, Jaanuu medical clothing is comfortable and of high quality. They have been on the market for a long time now and therefore have a wide range. For example, Jaanuu tops are very popular among corporations as they are available in many colours and sizes. The Jaanuu Tulip Top golden zipper and Jaanuu Biker top were quite popular. In the meantime Jaanuu has changed their product range slightly, in order to continue to meet the needs and wishes of their customers. For instance, the Jaanuu women's scrubs are available in a classic look, but also in a more sporty look. This way, a business can decide for itself which look to go for. The colour choice at Jaanuu is also extensive. There are scrubs in somewhat softer colours, but also in more striking colours. As a company, you have to consider what you want to project to the outside world. Of course, the staff's opinion should not be forgotten, as they are the ones who have to wear the scrubs in the end. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about quality and comfort, because the scrubs from Jaanuu provide this completely.

Jaanuu's classic collection

In our range, we have also included Jaanuu's classic collection. The Jaanuu women's tops have a classical look but also offer the extra features that the staff needs. For example, there are several pockets on the Jaanuu tops so that the necessary items can be easily stored. At scrub-supply, we also have Jaanuu scrubs for men. The Jaanuu men's scrubs consist of various classic pants and tops. As a company, you can put the scrubs together yourself. This way, you have a Jaanuu uniform that matches the image of the company, what more could you want? Or perhaps you want to give your corporate identity that extra touch. You can do this by adding lab coats to the uniforms. Not only is this convenient when it gets colder in the winter, but it also allows you to put more items into the pockets of the Jaanuu lab coats.

Are you looking for the old collections of Jaanuu? Then you are at the right place, we have the following collections:

In style at the workplace

Jaanuu used to offer The Gold Collection. These have meanwhile been taken out of the assortment. However, scrub-supply still got regular customer requests to design scrubs with golden details. Therefore, we have designed the simply-scrubs. Besides that, there are many more different styles in scrubs. Sometimes you might get the idea that there is only one kind of clothing style for care workers. Usually, people associate this with the colour white. However, this does not have to be the the case at all. Nowadays there are plenty of additional colours available in the range of medical clothing. Jaanuu makes sure that the standard image of medical staff disappears completely. This way your employees can come to work in style. Jaanuu's range is wide, but they do consider that the clothes should be recognizable for the patients.