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Jaanuu Classic Scrub Collection

Meet the Jaanuu classic collection for men
Jaanuu meets the customers wishes with every collection and every item that they offer. With the classic collection you will get the most comfortable and stylish scrubs for men and women. With the colors of the scrub collection, this classic collection will fit with every companies needs. So if you are looking for a Marine blue, black or white scrub set the Jaanuu classic collections has your back. This all-inclusive collection has designs for every body type from XXS-3X. Get your Jaanuu classic scrubs today!

Where comfortable meets a timeless style
During a shift it is important to wear comfortable clothes that will keep you warm and protects you against fluids. Also, in the summer the scrubs needs to breathe and leave no sweat stains. With cheap scrubs you will see all the stains and this can make the employees uncomfortable. If you choose for the Jaanuu classic collection you will get the best scrubs made from premium fabrics with a timeless style. And with our embroidery option you can easily personalize your scrubs with the company logo. This way the customers will recognize the employers and it can also make them feel that they are really part of the company. And with the timeless design of the classic Jaanuu scrubs the scrubs will never be out of style. Get the scrubs for your company today at scrub-supply.