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Scrub dresses for women

Figuring out clothing for employees can often be quite a challenge, however, scrub-supply is happy to help! Not only do we have lab coats and various women's scrub tops in our collection, we also provide scrub dresses for nurses or medical employees. A medical scrub dress can give your practice a more elegant look. As a company, you always strive for a safe and representative appearance. If the medical staff radiates unity and confidence, the client is often satisfied. In addition, it also ensures equality and comfort in the workplace. Employees appreciate pleasant, comfortable company clothing and will certainly feel at ease within the firm.

Change of uniforms and style

As a clinic, it is not always necessary to choose a pair of scrub pants and a top for the crew. Instead, you can choose to alternate in style. For example, on Mondays the caretakers wear blue scrub pants and a black top and on Tuesdays the nurses wear a white scrub dress. This ensures just a little more variety in style. Of course, it is not the intention that employees wear a different colour and outfit every day, because then you will lose the image that you would like to create. The outfits are the business cards of the organization. Therefore, make sure the outfits and styles are not too frequently changed, but without any variation at all it can come across as somewhat boring to the customers. In addition, scrub-supply offers the possibility to print the company logo on the dresses. By doing so, the outfit will be completely recognizable to your clients.

How can you look fashionable in scrubs?

You often hear on the job that people have trouble styling their workwear. As an organization, you can take away these worries for the employees. The first useful thing to do is to brainstorm with your co-workers about what it is you want to project as a business. Additionally, you can discuss together what colour and style suits the business needs. For instance, you can choose a white nursing scrub dress or a black scrub dress, it just depends on what the company wants to convey with the outfits. In our assortment we have for example a Koi scrub dress that provides the well-deserved comfort. Scrub pants may be a practical and dynamic choice for modern institutions and outpatient clinics, but there is still plenty of opportunity in the healthcare industry for the trendy and elegant nursing scrub dress.
Do's and don'ts with nurse scrub dresses
There are some do's and don'ts when it comes to wearing dresses for women. We've listed them for you:

  • Rather, select a high-necked or quite covered neckline for the most professional look, but most importantly, it provides the right level of comfort.
  • Complete the scrubs for women with useful accessories. For instance, you can select a handy scrub cap, surgical hat or compression socks. There are several accessories available in our assortment.
  • Be sure to go for hospital scrubs that fit the employee's body. At scrub-supply, we carry a variety of sizes in our selection because we believe that everyone should feel comfortable in business attire.
  • Don't go for dresses for nurses that are too small or short. This does not provide the comfort they deserve, and it does not look business-like to the patients. Therefore, you could instead go for a white long scrub dress.
  • Do not simply randomly pick a shade for nurse scrubs. You may end up choosing a colour that doesn't fit the style of the company or the staff may think it's a mismatched colour, and obviously you don't want that to happen.
  • The most important thing is that the corporate clothing is comfortable, and it provides the safety that is needed. Choosing only outfits that look stylish is, of course, not quite the point. It is a factor that counts heavily, but not the most important one.