Treat in Style Cropped Pants

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Cropped Pants from the most stylish scrub brand for medical professionals Treat in Style.

Love for the Cropped style pants is easy to justify! One of the advantages, these trousers are destined to come first in terms of convenience. The leg tapering down allows you to wear the model with or without a belt. The trousers are famous for their airy shape. This model will be the perfect companion for a medical jacket or polo.


54% cotton, 44% polyester, 2% lycra  (density 190 g / m)

Lumiere bianco is a medium density blended fabric. The fabric does not shine through, keeps the shape of the product well. The high cotton content allows the fabric to breathe, and the lycra provides lasting properties and a good fit. The fabric maintains multiple washings, without losing appearance at the same time.

Machine washable at 40-60°C / 105-125°F
The recommended temperature when ironing - no more than 150°C / 305°F
Tumble dry low
Allowed to bleach

53% cotton / 44% polyester / 3% Lycra (density 145g / m)

Lumiere Ombra - light blended fabric for colored items. Natural fibers in the fabric makes it breathable and moisture absorbent. Polyester and Lycra in the composition are responsible for the color saturation. The fabric is very stretchable to make every movement easy and comfortable.

Care for colored Fabric's:
Machine washable on 40℃ / 105℉ in normal mode.
Do not bleach.
Iron at medium temperature up to 150℃ / 300℉degrees.
Tumble dry low 
Dry cleaning: dry cleaning using tetrachlorethylene (perchlorethylene) and hydrocarbons (gasoline, white spirit).

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