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As a healthcare company, clinic or salon, you would like to provide your employees with a full scrub outfit. By now you may have already assembled the pants and tops for the staff. However, it doesn't stop here. Besides comfortable and protective clothing and good shoes, it is also essential to wear a scrub cap and a face mask. scrub-supply can provide medical centers, hospitals and any other healthcare or cosmetic company with these items. The medical accessories differ in colour and style. Which accessories you need, depends entirely on your company and employees.

Nurse accessories

There are many different types of accessories available for nurses and doctors. For example, as we mentioned earlier, we have scrub caps and face masks in our range. But those are not the only medical scrub accessories we have. You can find other accessories like compression socks, surgical hats, hand sanitizer, retractable badges, stainless steel scopes and a tote. Just like our tops and pants, they come in different types of styles. You may choose to select a surgical hat to match the style of your medical scrubs. For example, does your company have blue scrub pants and a black scrub top? Then choose a blue hat. This way you can complete your outfit. Accessories such as hand sanitizer and steel scopes are also very useful for the work that medical employees perform. You can easily put together a complete scrub outfit for your employees at scrub-supply.

Order your medical accessories

Healthcare workers need to be able to do their jobs easily. After all, they often work long days and nights. If something is missing, it is of course very inconvenient. That is why you and your staff need to determine what they need in order to be able to perform their duties properly. Usually you will find out immediately what you are missing in terms of healthcare accessories. Maybe they would appreciate compression socks. These socks provide just that little bit more comfort during the long working days. For example, one brand that sells these socks in a 2-pack is Koi. Koi scrubs are known for their quality as well as comfort in nurse scrubs and accessories, and is therefore popular among healthcare companies. In addition, nurse accessories with cheerful colours make work in the healthcare field just a little bit more fun.

Personalize with your brand logo

As a company you have a certain corporate identity with a matching logo. At scrub-supply we offer the possibility to personalize scrubs with your company logo. With these scubs and accessories, you can distinguish your company's clothing from other healthcare companies. By offering our printing and embroidery service, we add a custom touch to your lab coats and scrubs. In doing so, patients can recognize you right away not only because of the composed scrub, but also because of the logo. How it works? It is very easy, simply add the printing to your cart. Afterwards we will contact you for all the further details. For any other questions, you can always contact us.